Friday, January 28, 2011

The White Panda: 2011 Tour Promo (HD)

Check out the above video to see The White Panda and their entire fall tour in 2 minutes. It's awesome. You should definitely check out their music and website if you haven't yet:

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Turn Off Your TV You Maniacs! - Network Peter Finch

Not too long ago the above video and merchandise were uploaded to ViralPrints by You can check out the video and a wide selection of custom merchandise at Maybe you agree with the message, and maybe you don't. Or maybe you don't understand the message, or perhaps you just don't care.

Regardless, I think many of us can agree on something: It is awesome creating your own custom merchandise, whether it's a t-shirt, a hoodie, a tank top, or one of our many other offerings. So if you want to express yourself, or just create something fun to wear - you can do that and a lot more at

And if your interested in some additional background information regarding the above video and design, check out the following excerpt from the above video's information section:

"This was constructed to wake people up and show how TV is dulling down our lives. Soon 3D is coming in to further hypnotise us into submission into forgetting our real lives outside our living rooms. If you must view TV then watch the film "Network" with Peter Finch playing Howard Beale the "crazed" network anchor man. His rant used in this video is more powerful now than when the film was made in 1976.The music is from a scary TV documentry series "World In Action" - They don't do documentaries like that any more, I wonder why? Maybe they dont want you to know too much..."

While the user-generated content on ViralPrints does not necessarily reflect the views of ViralPrints or our community (you guys!) that doesn't mean the content isn't worth posting.

Express yourself.