Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Custom T-Shirts for Gamers & Viral Video Fans!

Hey gamers, check out this new design (see below) called "Ladies Love My Joystick." Thanks to ChampChong, this awesome design is now available at ViralPrints, and you can get it on a variety of garments. And there are a bunch of colors and sizes to choose from as well! Check it out:

And have you seen CampChong's videos on Youtube? You should - "it is like the news, but only about video games. Occasionally there are reviews & skits."

And hey Viral Video fans!! We didn't forget about ya! Check out "Evil Hamster!" (see below) Recognize this design? It was inspired by a hit viral video... No..??? Well, you've got to check out the video. Here's the link to the video  & merch:

You can find a bunch of awesome merch at You can also watch some of the most entertaining videos on the internet. Just take a look around :)

Have a good one!

- The ViralPrints Team