Monday, November 1, 2010

Pabst Blue Ribbon Commercial: Custom T-Shirts & YouTube Video!

Straight from the legend himself:

The Tom Raper T-shirts are finally available! Get yours here

Youtube user abcd827 proved how much of a Patriot he was today by sending Pabst this touching letter,

To whom it may concern, As an American citizen, I'm proud to say that PBR is the most American beer on the market today. Yuengling may be America's oldest, but who graces their container with the colors of our great country? You do.

Recently I saw a Youtube video that was a commercial spoof. It featured a young man named Tom Raper. Even though his commercial would never be fit for real advertisement, I think that him and his outfit would. If you take a minute to look him up on Youtube, please consider him, because I believe that he would be a great spokesman for the brand.


A Conservative, Republican, American.

If you follow his Patriotic example and send PBR a similar message, and send us a message saying you did, we will mention your name along side other true American's in this youtube video.You can contact PBR here,

Keep on fightin' the good fight brothers and sisters, and more importantly, KEEP ON DRINKING!